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We specialise and supply Reclaimed Roof Tiles and Reclaimed Roof Slates to the whole of the United Kingdom.

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CHAS Accredited Contractor

We are accredited by one of the UK’s leading accreditation scheme for contractors, ensuring that we stay on top of ever-changing risk management standards.

Visit our Roofing Reclamation Yard anytime!

We welcome visitors to our yard, so please be sure to visit us and browse through our large selection of Reclaimed Roofing Tiles.

Navigate to:
Unit 18, Thorpe Hill Farm, Wakefield, WF3 3BX
(SatNav: Lofthouse Roofing Supplies)

If you require any assistance or need some advice on the tiles, slates or fixtures and fittings that belong to them, our office are always at hand to help. If you have a project and need authentic reclaimed roofing tiles, please feel free to visit our yard.

All of our reclaimed products can be delivered Nationwide.
For more information on how we can help:
Visit our Contact Us Page.
Call us on 0113 288 7772
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